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Who We Are
We are a group of people who share a simple goal of helping various social organizations that are active in the various walks of social work. We sincerely believe that people want to help for a cause that they prefer to other causes. Often times, people are not aware of the organizations that are active in their area of interest.
We plan to list the organizations from various walks of social work, and try to match the donors to the organization involved in their area of interest. This area of our organization is currently under development. Foundation Inc. is a "not for profit" organization registered with the "State of New Jersey, USA". In USA, the donations are exempt from Federal Income tax under the section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in the section 501(c)(3).

Every person involved with this project works voluntarily. We are trying to get corporate sponsors to save money in every aspect of the organization. This will help us keep the costs to absolute minimum. The net result is every dollar collected shall be utilized towards donations.
Our objective at Foundation Inc. is very basic: "Help make a difference!"
Please read this dialogue from the movie "The Holy Man".
The Holy Man says, "I was standing on a beach in the middle of a storm. The waves were pounding the shore. The waves were dumping the starfish from the ocean onto the sand. One little girl was running around on the beach, picking the starfish and throwing them back in the ocean. When I asked that girl if it wasn't futile to fight the waves, she smiled and said, 'but to that starfish, it makes the difference'"

Lot of times, we expect others (typically the Govt.) to take initiative to address the issues facing our society. We do not just want to talk about addressing the issues. We intend to do our share.